Silent Tears of Jonah …

In the loving Memory of Rosy
( a strong woman)

Writer Akila Raza

Editor Edward Wangamah

Inspired By : Silent tears

“Mom I am hungry…… ” my five year old boy looked up at me with great hope … I turned my face away to hide my tears…. he tugged my dress …when I turned back to look him , he held out his arms for me to carry him…I sat down and pulled him in my arms…” usilie jonah, I will go get you some food” I whispered.. he looked at me , his eyes were twinkling like stars…. my heart skipped beat and I silently prayed to God that…today He wouldn’t let me fail….

“Razaaaaa come on ….. tell me what is going on ….you can watch and talk….dnt keep silent like your vocals fell into the arms of the Earth…kapunti agiro pitti mihtha !!!( stand up or else I will kick your earth like figure).. Mia kept blabbing, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that tiny little boy…..he was such n adorable little thing.
Suddenly behind me there was another voice…of a pleading woman… I stood up
abruptly… she wasn’t one of us , that much I could tell..she looked like… a soul… I looked Mia who just shrugged bored… ” Raza come on …flkakomat biljamitha nikatup ligth” ( human soul being taken back but she isn’t prepared…”. ) ” Mia ..but listen to her… she is so desperate.. .” I said, but mia was already walking away.. I ran after that soul to see why she was pleading so much… she was being taken to heavens…coz they were moving upwards so why the chaos? Who was she…
” heyy wait I shouted from behind… I know I was going to get into a huge mess becoz no one really ever spoke to the Death Angel… but I had to know ….He stopped and Turned… the clouds shook and I almost lost my balance…he looked at me insides froze… ” ummh I am sorry … I…did u bring in the wrong wrong person by mistake” I asked instantly regretting because I could feel the sudden change in the atmosphere…I was expecting to be banished but When luck is on your side…. miracles happen…The Angel of death silently stared at me then he smiled…” yeah I guess I should be taking you instead” he said then laughed aloud….surprising me and the soul as well… I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what but I seized the moment and came closer…” Dhade(big brother) please hear her out” I politely requested … The Angel gently smiled and turned towards the Soul…. “I cant take you back because your time is up….other than that if you have anything else…. I allow you to speak” he addressed the soul . That soul came towards me ” thankyou….I just have a small request..I left my 5 year old boy hungry…and that’s why I was worried…. I had gone out and locked him in…. but as I was crossing over ..a truck knocked me off and mutilated my body beyond son is all alone ….he has been hungry for three days …please help him..that’s all… now he has no one at all” she broke down and my heart tore into a million pieces… I realised it was the same kid I was staring at… without thinking twice I ran as fast as I could and I heard the woman shouting ” please tell him I love him and I will watch over him from.above”….

A group of people gathered around the dead body taking pictures… isn’t she mama jonah..someone asked. .ah poor lady…. she was such a kind soul….kind soul..she was a slut ….eh kashindwa na maisha so she committed suicide. ..she will rot in shit …poor jonah now.he will.become a street kid …. Many voices spoke differently one knew the truth….. Jonahs mom was gng to heaven and Jonah was going to be raised in the best way possible by the beings that humans could only.fanthom in their dreams.
Scene 2
Look … I will not repeat myself twice Raza, Listen to me very carefully…if you cross the 5th sky and go to earth… that will be the end of you being one of Us”…. Shamil spoke in a cold tone. . I knew he was damn serious..his hatred for clay beings was well known …so arguing was going to get me nowhere yet I had made up my mind..

I wanted to help that little boy jonah and no threat was gng to stop me…I was a rebel anyways and got away several times..but this time I knew I had crossed my line…for a good cause. I looked up at Prince Shamil with all the courage I could gather..” My apology Your Highness… I am prepared to face the consequences of what I am going to execute..I have no intention of breaking rules or disrespecting you but I have decided to follow my gut instinct with or without your permission… I shall go to earth and save Jonah.. “. Shamils eyes widened ..his silence was scary ..he was staring at me but not in anger…I guess he was amused … ” Raza you have always been a rebel but It was never this bad….you are prepared to give up everything for a clay being???? Who is this Jonah? I must see him , this is more than what I think it is”… he looked at me questioningly… ” yes Prince..if you see Jonah you will understand why I am ready to give up everything…” I replied.
” Fine then … I will go with you” he said… now I was in shock…. ” are you serious??????? Like for real you will go to earth?” I asked … shamil smiled… ” Raza … I hate clay beings … but I am impressed by your madness for the first time and yes I am very curious as well..” he laughed… wow this was nothing short of a miracle..
.” I will go prepare to leave then” I said excited…he nodded ..I walked away humming happily… behind me Shamil let an evil smile escape his lips and he whispered ” let’s see who this jonah is…maybe he can be used as a sacrifice to please Lucifer…Raza is a fool but this time I am impressed…. he laughed wickedly..

My Hero….My best friend….the first one who taught me what motherhood was all about.

Season 2. 1653. Episode 1/2/3/4/5

1653 season 2.
  Phase 1
Writer : Akila Raza
Editor : Edu wangamah


Sameer was floating in the  air  ….He looked at his lifeless Body as it was being taken to morgue…. He didn’t know what to feel….he just kept staring blankly…
” Interested in being friends?” A voice behind him whispered…he jumped and looked back…two ghosts were staring at him with great interest…” Who are you? ”  He asked…. They laughed….
We are what you once were ,  and now you get used to being us……
Sameer looked at the two figures with great interest….he never believed in ghosts and seeing them all of a sudden was epic… ” Are you ghosts? He stupidly asked… The two ghosts looked at each other and laughed loudly…. ” No we are your grandmas from ice land ….she is Nora and I am flora, the older one replied.
Sameer managed to grin…. He liked these two weirdos… They looked like floating candles ….all white no figure just cute eyes and killer smiles…whoever had said ghosts were ugly probably had dropped his glasses in the pot holes of some un attended village.
” Yes I would love to be friends but I am afraid ….soon I will be heading towards my finale abode .u see I am a soul not a ghost” he responded politely and invited yet another crazy burst of laughter from the ghosts.
The younger ghost came closer and looked at Sameer directly in the eyes….” Darling ….if wishes were horses …witches would not be flying on broomsticks” she whispered then giggled at her own stupid joke…Sameer looked confused .
The older ghost decided to burst his bubble…..” My friend…. ” She said clearing her voice….” You are stuck here with us “….she felt sorry for him when she saw the fear gather….
” But why??? I am a soul and I have to return to my abode right? Sameer panicked…. The older ghost looked at him gently…..” Apparently not, you can’t leave because ….. There is a mission that awaits you and we are henceforth your friends ” she smiled …. Sameer had many Questions running within him, but from the look of things..he knew he was stuck……. But why????

1653    SEASON 2
EDITOR : Edu Ngamz Wangama

‘ what is sight without insight.
What is regret without remorse…..
What are words without  action….zero zero just a figure zero’..

” I am stuck???? But why? ” Sameer was hit by constant waves of panic.. the two ghosts simply kept looking at him straight….he was getting frustrated…” My body spat me out like I was some mucus stuck in a child’s throat, and now u tell me I can’t go to my final abode….. Is this some kinda game ? I can’t enter my body , it’s probably frozen by now… So what should I do hang upside on a baobab tree like bats or join the horror show in some God forsaken village?” Sameer let out a loud cry and sat down..only to realize he was hanging in mid air….” What the fishhh???” He looked around then shrugged …..
he was actually a spirit ….
The younger ghost came closer…
.” Can I ask you something? ” She smiled …” Nooooo!!!” Sameer rudely replied …the ghost pretended to pout then she smiled ‘ I will ask u anyways ” she said and sat down beside Sameer.
” I was just wondering…were u a surgical blade in your past life? U know the one that’s blunt and desperate to slit a vein but fails?’ she looked at Sameer directly in the eyes…. He felt frozen then something in him snapped and he cried like a small baby…..’ please let me go ..please …. I am so uncomfortable”… He pleaded looking at both the ghosts simultaneously….the older one came closer and sat down beside him..
.” Listen to me Sameer, no one but your own guilt is holding you back, you want to know the truth….well here it is….you are stuck because destiny demands justice….. Don’t play Innocent, had you not tampered with 1653, penny would not have destroyed her, Dan wouldn’t be on the run coz of his guilt following him like interpol  cops….  Jacob would not be swinging between life and death …. You messed up…so own up clear up and free yourself …it’s as simple as that!!!” With that she got up and floated away.
Sameer was hit by self realization … He had messed up …what next ? He had two choices ….fix the mess or hang upside down like bats with the ghosts for eternity or until he would be captured by some wizard and be exploited…..the choice was his….
How would he as a spirit fix the mess? Who would he go to and confess ??..once ur out of the body ….u become invisible…so it meant he had to officially join the ghosts? Hell nooooooo!!!
” What can I do to get out of this mess? ” He thought  aloud…. ” Kiss me” came a soft reply that sent shivers down his spirit….it wasn’t shivers of pleasure but pure fright…..that voice had venom that wouldn’t spare even a second to destroy without repair…..

To be continued……

Season 2 ….phase 3
Writer : Akila Raza
Editor: Edu wangamah

“As if the horror of being alive was not enough …even death decides to give me chills…..
I ran once and it was an error
Will running again be fair on me?

Inspired by : Run or Surrender

” Kiss me” a voice whispered, so close to his ears that all his veins tingled ….not with pleasure but fear that was raw, sharp enough to slice through anything .

There was a sudden cloud of thunder hovering over his head, he thought souls never got scared, ghosts never got scared …bloody hell, even as a soul he felt like was going to pee on himself if only there was a lee way out, he sensed that his ghost friends had a abandoned him, well yes ….when you are terrified let alone common sense, friends…even your own shadow tells u ciao amore mia….. Now what?!!  He had two choices, either flee or just be…
For the first time , Maybe  a good deed he may have done when he was alive  came to his rescue in the form of pure calm breeze that quietened the chaos within him, he decided not to flee…. The last time he tried to run….. He messed up and the end result was disastrous… This time he felt surrender was  the best approach.
” Good choice Sameer” the same voice whispered, whoever once said whispers were sensual must have been high on some super low class skunk….this whisper was like venom…. No wonder snakes hiss.

Sameer slowly opened his eyes, it was dark, no wind, nothing, there absolutely nothing, so who the hell was whispering ?

Suddenly a female figure appeared before him, he didn’t know how to react, if she was the one spitting venom…. She was so beautiful, it made one wonder the definition of pure horror, he just went numb, she came closer , Sameer tried his best to stay calm, what was the worst that could happen? After all he was dead, there was no dying again right? Again he thought aloud.
The woman looked at Sameer ..” want to know who I am? ” She asked
” Yes Ma’am’ he responded , as if by saying no she would disappear.
” I am karma…. The one even who is feared by all because I spare none” she whispered . Sameer had Surrendered , slowly all traces of fear abandoned him and he gave in to the unknown…’ I don’t know what lies ahead, I can’t change my past but yes given a chance I would want to rectify what I wronged and make my pathway ahead better”…. He said it all in one breath.   Probably it was the best thing he did because suddenly there was no cloud of thunder, when he looked up he saw his ghost friends waving at him, but when he looked straight, karma was still there staring at him intently….then she walked….damn karma walked, every step she took, the nothing he was standing on shook. ” I can’t put you back into your body because you are now like those thoughts once off the mind can’t return back…so move forth and clear your debt….. Look for a broom that will be of aid to you to clear what u spilled….I give you Seven days …failure will lead to torture that even hell fears …and if u succeed ….even heaven will look like a dot in comparison to what you shall receive..”.saying that she disappeared as if she wasn’t there. The younger ghost came and hugged Sameer ” lucky bastard you got away” she was grinning….but the older ghost burst the bubble…” Not so lucky….. Seven days and a broom darling….you are in for a feast ” she said. Sameer did not allow his fears to take over …he was ready to take the challenge but the bigger challenge was ….what broom did she mean?

Season 2.   Phase 4
Writer :Akila Raza
Editor: Edu Ngamz Wangamah

” She stifles her tears in the pillows, not wanting the world to know…..she had  hit the rock bottom of a pit that sunk deeper than low…. But hitting rock bottom wasn’t an end …being betrayed was just an excuse…..she had been blind to the Divine plan of Destiny…. In the Darkness that engulfed her soul ….when she finally surrendered…..she saw light …. That her fate had been preparing her for….”.   

” You are fired”… Those words hung in the air like space ships that had no where to land…. Amy watched her Boss in horror, her loud mouth was suddenly on silent mode, her tears had dried ….she felt nothing at all….maybe this was where pain was at its peak…. Loosing her job had been her greatest fear but  this was so sudden… threw her off balance mentally…” Kindly see the accountant and clear your dues , pack and leave…you have an hour.” She didn’t wait another moment and walked out.. Her Boss, Nelson called his assistant on the phone  and gave some instructions ‘ Jayson , please help Amy get her Dues, yes I know I am being unfair but …I know what I am doing, it’s time … For what? Time will tell… I am just fulfilling my duty in the karmic cycle….relax.

Amy packed her things , picked her Dues and walked back home, as if the loss of loosing her job was not enough, when she got home, she found a letter from her boyfriend Bryan…. He ditched her… Why because he was in love with someone else….
Amy sat down on the sofa, she lit a joint and took two puffs …. Suddenly she cried…. She screamed, in her mind , the chaos grew louder…. She wished she had enough cutleries that she could throw ..plates that she could break and abuses she could hurl….she had never abused …but today she decided to break her miss goodie rules…. She stood Infront of the mirror and began…..  Bryan you are a monkey without a tail, a python without a hiss, wingless dragon fly, reptile who looks like a bat that can’t fly, a moron , a pot of joint with no high…she ranted on until she was exhausted… She went to her bedroom and threw herself on the bed,,.she fell asleep within seconds.
When Amy woke up it was getting dark, she was hungry and decided to go to the nearby cafe and grab something to eat…. Her heart was broken…. Her job was lost but something  inside her was still calm … Her spirit.
As she walked out, she realised it was unusually silent, there was just a dog barking at the distance,a drunkard was lying by the electric pole lost in his own world, then at a distance of a few metres there was a bench…. It had never been there before, or maybe she never noticed…she crossed the road and walked towards it…three figures were seated there talking in whispers…. As she approached closer, the male figure looked up ,Amy smiled ,the man’s eyes widened in shock…..
” She can see us ” Sameer told the two ghosts …. All three of them looked at Amy in surprise….. Amy wondering if these trio had smoked a joint just like her and she giggled. Sameer and the other two looked at each other…. Then the younger one squealed……” Broom,.  She… she… she is the broom” there was excitement in her voice… Amy laughed…. She was sure this trio was high on some real shit just like herself…she sat down beside them….” Hy I am Amy”….she said….

To be continued

1653 Season 2 phase 5
Writer Akila Raza
Editor Edu Ngamz Wangamah

When the Mind and the spirit are not aligned, the consequences lead to illusion…..
But if Destiny intervenes , the illusion becomes a reality.
Where the mind stops it’s journey, the heart begins to pave a new way.

Author Akila Raza

After the encounter with Karma , Sameer and the two ghosts were wandering around …. Then some where far from where they had been , Flora  drew a sign in the air and a bench appeared, the trio sat down …” Seven days , no clue , no idea of what broom …where are we heading to? ” Sameer asked …Nora and Flora looked at Sameer and shrugged….’ headed to eternal ghositivation” flora replied , Nora giggled and Sameer frowned… ” Oh God see me through” he whispered…. ” Hey Hy, I am Amy” a voice called out and the trio almost fell of the bench in fright. Sameer looked at where the voice came from and saw a woman like creature staring at them , he turned and looked at Nora and Flora, they looked confused, if there was a way they could turn paler ….this was the perfect moment. Amy came closer….” Heloooooo?” She said then she giggled…” Are you stonned as well? ” She asked and laughed aloud, the trio had frozen… This human could see ghosts…was she a ghost hunter??
“Broom, she is the broom, Nora Squealed.there was excitement in her voice.
Sameer finally gathered courage and stood up…” You can see us ? ” He asked, Amy laughed louder ….she pretended to look around ” there is nobody else here,..” she said. Sameer turned to the others ..” she can see us alright” he whispered and the two ghosts cringed in despair. ” Heyyyy I can see you because my eye balls are Authentic …. Yeah am Abit highh but I am still weeny bit sober daaaah” Amy laughed…a watchman passing by stopped and tapped Amy’s
shoulder…” Lady, why you talking to your self? ” He asked…Amy turned around and giggled…” Watchman, you need to be fireeeeeed…are you blind, can’t you see these three munchkins huh huh? She tried to poke the watchman in the ribs and he dodged, he looked at where she pointed but saw nothing, he sighed, looked like she was a victim of depression , poor lady. ” Okay okay, chill ‘ he said , it was better he just walked away, who knew what she was upto…. He was a watchman alright but he had a family to tend to and the last thing he needed was a knife slit on his throat. As he walked away he heard Any talking and giggling…
Sameer and the two ghosts couldn’t stop staring at Amy, they wondered if she would be of any help… ” Could she be the broom Karma had mentioned?” Sameer wondered aloud… ” Eiwwwwww do I look like a broom? ” Amy’s voice made Sameer jump in fright… ” That’s so insulting, I may look ugly pugly but am no broom …. ” She said and a sad look crossed her face. Sameer felt a tug within him…” I am sorry , I didn’t mean to sound rude, please don’t be sad” he looked at Amy gently and she suddenly hugged him and started howling…. ” She can’t be the broom, she has no connection with sanity at all”  Flora whispered, Nora smiled and shook her head ” chill, we are ghosts interacting with some high on low class skunk human….shit happens” she giggled. It was interesting to watch a spirit pacifying a stonned human,

Sameer tried to calm Amy, she cried for almost an hour , her face deeply buried in his embrace, finally she looked up and wiped her nose. ” I am hungry” she said…
Nora let out a fit of giggle and Flora rolled her eyes…..Sameer wondered how on earth he got stuck with women who were beyond his understanding.

1653 season 1. Phase 8 & 9

Writer Akila Raza

Editor Edward Wangamah

1653 (phase 8)
” When the ego dies, the soul awakens….. Fear no longer conquers, consequences matter less,what truly matters is picking up the pieces of all that shattered beyond repair……….

Sameer felt trapped to the wall.
He seemed to be swinging between a trance as the last conversation before the destruction of 1653 replayed before him again.

” Sameer Walia?” A deep voice interrupted his senses pulling him abruptly out of the trance for which he was thankful.
” Yes that’s me Doctor” ..
he responded to the tall man standing next to him. The doctor looked at him ….
..” are you a relative to the patient?” The doctor asked, Sameer nodded ” he is a friend”… He replied.
The doctor asked Sameer to follow him to the cabin… The walk was brief but it seemed endless, Sameer felt a sinking in his heart, there was an eerie feeling about the place,.
The scent of medicine, nursing mothers with crying babies, smell of burnt flesh, wails of women in the labour room…. his ears were suddenly picking all sorts of sound… And finally he found himself seated opposite the doctor…the question he was asked , hit him in the gut and he stared at the doctor…..” Why did Jacob commit sucide?” The doc asked again…. Sameer turned pale, the memories finally found a loophole and flooded in torrents, hitting Sameer back to back mercilessly…. Before the doctor could prompt further, they were Interrupted by a call. The doctor spoke softly but from the look on his face it was clear….. The storm was brewing pretty fast. He put the call down and looked at Sameer, ” the police want your statement……

1653 (phase 9 )


” You Dwell in the past , chased by my voice,
Chained  by my thoughts,…
Then slumber abandons you
Leaving you to drown in the horror of your own guilt…..”

” The police want your statement”….. Those words set my ears on fire and suddenly I went super deaf… I simply looked at the doctor and managed half a nod, he walked out leaving me to decide my fate …. Perspiration danced on my forehead like a slithering shape shifting snake, I felt chills that seemed endless then once again My body went into a trance……I saw a flash back of that day which had stamped  the never ending tragedy into our lives.

Flash back ……
It was late afternoon, I had just finished making coffee , I cleaned the kitchen, filled the thermos and grinned at my self, the Aroma of my secret ingredient spread in the room creating endless bliss….so inviting so sensual ….reminded me of 1653, I blushed , straightened my shirt and took off my apron…. I couldn’t wait to go and see 1653, she may be a robot but to me she was just something else ….. Sensual …illness free and no fear of ARV. I may be a pervert but again if the wildest dreams of us men were to be put on check ….. The world would surely perish……
I quickly walked out of the kitchen after applying my perfume….and excitedly walked towards the research room…. After watching Jacob for fifteen years …even I had learnt afew tips here and there and had tried something secretly….well now I would get to see the end result.
Happiness and I seem to have a bad relationship….. I was about to enter the research room but I  stopped on my tracks…..Dan and his sister Penny were in there…. Penny sounded infuriated and Dan was trying to pacify her but in vain, I came closer to the door and the last words of penny sent me in a frenzy…she sounded like a witch ….or a ruthless crazy woman whose mind was adamant on destruction…..she wanted 1653 destroyed….. Without thinking twice I ran to look for Jacob …..the bastard..oops but yeah at that time he behaved like one…. When I found him he was in a state of self pleasure also thinking about 1653….I  ignored my jealous feeling and told him what penny was planning to do. We rushed towards the lab but it seemed fate had its own storm brewing, …we reached there too late…. 1653 was not only dismantled but all the trace of reconnecting her was also gone….Dan and Penny were also gone…. Jacob was speechless  he fell on his knees and screamed so loudly that everything around us shook….My mind went blank …the next thing I know is that there was blood splattered, everywhere…. ambulance siren heard and we were in the hospital….”
Jacob had slipped into a never ending coma, I was blank when the doctor asked me what happened….

” Mr Sameer”…..a female voice was trying to get to me but the distance seemed endlessly long….like that of the sun and the earth.

Sameer felt lighter and lighter, he heard voices from a distance…. Suddenly he found himself looking at a body…it belonged to him.

The doctor shook sameers body but there was no response….he and the police man looked at each other in surprise…. The nurse checked pulse and said ” sorry he is no more”.

Sameer was floating in the  air  ….
” Interested in being friends?” A voice behind him whispered…he jumped and looked back…two ghosts were staring at him with great interest…” Who are you? ”  He asked…. They laughed….
We are what you once were ,  and now you get used to being us……

The End ……
Or it’s just the beginning……

I love you momma

Mother’s Day Special
Writer Akila Raza
Editor : Edu wangamah

To all the people who raised children….. Biological or otherwise
Whether you are a male or a female ….if ever had a feeling of love towards an innocent child ….I wish you a happy Mother’s day.

” When I first opened my eyes
When I first cried and stretched out my arms….. You carried me

When I first pooped and peed
When I farted and burped
And screamed like a siren
You attended to every need of mine.

When I first learnt how to crawl
Then walk then run….you stood by my side watching over me…

When I first fell…. You kissed my bruised knees, hugged me and straightened my hair…..

From the day I opened my eyes
To the day I went to school
You were like my shadow….

When I first had a crush
When I first learnt to blush
You hugged me close

When I first felt the pain of a heart break,
When I first watched my dreams shatter before my eyes
You were my comfort…..

Today if I am strong
And firm on my two feet
It’s coz you went out of ur way
To be with me….

I love you Momma

A mother is not defined by gender or blood ….A mother is defined by the sacrifices ….the sleepless nights and the selfless love …. So regardless of your Gender …your status or your class….. If you ever went out of your way for a child…..

You deserve to be called a mother
And I wish you a Happy Mother’s day

1653 season 1 phase 7. Writer : Akila Raza

Inspired by : Struck by Guilt.

” Who knows what lies underneath the Belly of the Universe , ask them who survived the fire and rose from Ashes to accomplish an ungodly desire…once seen at the verge of demise but rose to Return….’

Sameer was pacing in the hospital corridor, hit by the waves of Anxiety, guilt gathered around his being like algae in a dirty pond of still water and his hopes were like dead fishes …Dead.

He knew he was responsible…. he was the reason for the storm that struck Jacobs life, he was the reason Penny went beserk and destroyed 1653 beyond repair… He was not only a murderer but a coward …..if only he had owned up … was him who had tampered with 1653 ….

Today if Jacob died …Sameer would never forgive himself….. He sat down against the wall and cried hard … Memories of the last conversation between Penny and Dan came flooding back like a tsunami that didn’t want to end….. Sameer went numb as that moment came to life once again with full force…….

The two ghosts stared at Jacob as he lay unconscious , machines beeping around him,
outside the weather was cloudy, there was a sense of fear in the Air…. ” Will he make it? The younger ghost asked ….” I hope so… After witnessing the destruction of 1653…Only a miracle can help ” the older ghost sighed …

The younger one wasn’t satisfied and prompt further….’ Is Penny Normal? I mean that level of jealousy over a Robot that she and Jacob created together…doesn’t make sense to me could she destroy it, what was she thinking?” 15 years of hard work all gone in a jiffy … Humans are weird ain’t they? I wonder why ghosts are feared when humans are more dangerous” …..

The older ghost looked at her younger counterpart amused …” Ummh … ” Was all she said… Secretly she also wondered ….why did people fear ghosts?

1653 Season 1 ……phase 6…… Writer : Akila Raza. Editor : Edward Wangamah

Inspired by : crumbling Desires

Sameer pulls Jacob off the chair, as they are trying to rush towards the research Lab, fate decides to play its own Game…..

Nature slows down its pace, Sameer and Jacob try to push their way towards towards the building , but suddenly the distance seems to get endless……

Jacobs being is suddenly engulfed in a trance and he desperately stares at his friend who keeps pulling him forward but in vain….
Behind them the two ghosts are also trapped in the same wave length and they know better, so instead.of defying the gravity, they keep calm and wait for the moment to pass….

Sameer is seen struggling …..Jacob continuously hears a ringing sound in his ears, his heart is already sinking as he stares strangely at Sameer….. No doubt what lies ahead is unpredictable, friendship at risk, dreams at the verge of being destroyed beyond repair….. Everything spins at its own  pace. Creating a chaos only the minds of each one can imagine in it’s own way..
Somewhere inside the building in the lab, Penny and Dan argue …. Penny’s obsession to create a massive destruction is at peak…

.Dan on the other hand had a dilemma….either to choose his ethics or his sister…the storm that lies ahead, Only fate knows the destruction it holds…

1653 Season 1 Phase 5

Fantasy 1653    ( phase 5)
Inspired by : Quantum Leap into the synopsis. Writer Akila Raza Editor: Edward Wangamah

a sound boomed so hard ….time stood still…. Eyes remained glued at what was being stared at that particular time…..what happened? I the writer decided to introduce the characters before moving forward……

First character ; Raza. A robotic figure who was brought to life after 15 years of hard work by a scientist who was a back bencher in class , back in college he was thin , short with dreadlocks that looked like worms sticking out of his skull..his only comforter was his equally nerd looking girlfriend…whom.he finally married….This Robot was named Raza for reasons known to the maker himself,at first the aim was to create something that defied every law in science…. Raza turned out to be as beautiful as anyone could fantasize in their wildest dreams…. She was fair, her voice was so gentle and her eyes were deep enough to drown in …. But when U as a creator develops a God syndrome, karma gets bitchy!!!!

Second character : High on God Syndrome…Jacob Newton ” back bencher in the them days  he was,
no one imagined that this tiny looking man had a mind that ran in the opposite direction of anything that a normal mind could not even  fanthom…from a background that didn’t make sense , from a place where even the line of poverty refused to cross, there in rose this shrub in to something different…Jacob had morals, he was decent but who knew his mind better than himself….. He was a mystery that even Sherlock Holmes would have found difficult to solve ….but…. but a lady with an equally crazy mind found her way into his heart….she supported him all thru his crazy ventures unaware that one day it will be the reason her evil side will come forth in full force.

Character 3 : Daniel Marino ….He looked ageless, handsome , he loved his sister Penny and would go out of his way to do anything….he had money and he liked Jacob, of course the Idea of creating Raza didn’t appeal to him but because of his sister …..he gave in….a mistake he would live to regret.

Character  four : Penny Newton… In the entire team she was probably the only sensible scientist but when love takes over…..brains freeze. Penny was the sole person who showed interest in Jacob, from the very day she had first set her eyes on him…. It wasn’t love at first sight…it was curiousity…. She could catch vibes like no one else and the moment she sat her eyes on jacob she knew …she had found her man…..when he finally shared his idea with her and she agreed….they hit off ….little did they know that this very idea was going to unleash hell in the coming days.

Character Five  : Sameer Walia , he wasn’t a scientist, but out of friendship and curiosity he found himself with Jacob …. During that hard period of 15 years when Jacob tried to defy the law of science and create something unusual, Sameer stood by his side with endless trays of coffee ….day in day out… True friendship ties that were way stronger than the scissors of storms to come.

Character 6 : the two ghosts …. They are a mystery am working on as I finish my ice cream…

1653 Season 1. Phase 4

Inspired by : Jacobs flash back
Writer Akila Raza
Editor : Edu wangamah

Two ghost figures peeped through the window into the research room, they were staring at the lifeless figure, the older ghost turned to look at its partner ..’ now what? , How will I enter her body if she is lying there like a murder victim’…she asked the younger ghost ,

” I wish I could have an answer for that” the younger one replied. The elder ghost felt angry , grabbed the younger one and they flew away……

Jacob was still lost in his own thoughts when Sameer came looking for him.

Sameer : there u r seated, I have been looking for you all over the place!

Jacob : I am drained , I feel like I have lost focus…. Nothing makes sense …Sameer have u ever encountered something that only existed in your fantasies?

Sameer: no I haven’t but what I am about to tell you will bring you down to earth in a jiffy……

Jacob : huh? U wish…. If only you knew what I experienced …..(his voice trails off )

Sameer : Jacob , apparently your wife unplugged Raza and as we talk , penny has asked Dan to dismantle the Robot …

Jacob : WHAAAT ???? WHY???  This is so sick!!!!

Sameer : well then do something before they destroy your hard work ….

Jacob : I wish I hadn’t married penny, that jealous bitch is good for nothing!!!

Sameer and Jacob Rush to the Research Lab

…..the two ghosts looked at each other….they decide to follow Jacob to the Research Lab and assist him…. After all He is their main target…

.to be continued……

1653. Season 1 phase 3

Inspired by : Dark night secrets…… writer Akila Raza. Editor : Edu wangamah

Jacob was seated at the far end on a chair  in the garden…his heart was racing, his face was pale,
he had never encountered anything so bold in his life…. This woman was just something else… Harmless yet dangerous ….even in his imagination, she had the ability to bring out the animal in Jacob…

Her look was so intense that for the first time in his life, he was taken off guard . all his principles flew out of the window,.

Jacob was generally a very decent person with intact morals but the moment he sat his eyes on 1653 after they constructed her , his entire system went haywire….

While Jacob sat trying to sort his thoughts , on the other hand Raza was lying lifeless in a research room.

Jacobs wife Penny and her Brother Dan were planning to dismantle the Robot… Dan was reluctant because he was curious to know what exactly had transpired, penny was agitated and wanted Raza dismantled at any cost….

Jacob couldn’t gather himself after the wild encounter…there was a dilemma that needed attention yet each one involved was not brave to sort this shit the right way.

…to be continued

1653 ….season 1 phase 2.

‘Dan, do you have a minute?’ penny looked nervously at her brother. He looked up from his files and smiled..” sure sis, what”s up? He asked,..’

Penny looked at him nervously. please come with me to the Research Room, I unplugged Raza” …

.she looked embarrassed. Dan Raised his eyebrows in surprise , he looked at his sister very calmly and decided to take a seat first… ” Sit down Penny and tell me what happened?… ”

He pointed at the chair next to his and beckoned his sister to sit. Penny sat down and sighed…

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence ….. Dan looked at penny gently waiting for her to speak but she seemed frozen.

” It’s okay Penny, you can talk to me” he said calmly, he could sense fear in her vibes and he didn’t want to chase her away by being aggressive.

“Dan , someone had tampered with ..her motherboard and I …well she …I mean ..” her voice trailed off…..

Dan pulled his chair closer to hers…” Relax penny, it’s okay,.. we will fix this together but I need you to calmly tell me …. Did Raza try to harm you?”

Dan watched her reaction carefully …she looked at her brother and shook her head…

” Noo man , she told me she was infatuated!! She had started growing feelings like a normal woman for a man…’. penny was shaking and Dan smiled and sat back relieved… ” So you decided to unplug her, I hope her feelings were not for your Husband?… ‘ Dan asked and his sister turned pale… Dan smiled ” just kidding penny relax” he grinned but penny was at the verge of freaking out..

To be continued……

Writer Akila Raza

Editor : Edu wangamah

1653. Season 1,Phase 1

“The arrow of cupid spares none…. Not even the fireflies can resist the flames and surrender to their end without hesitation”

” Raza tell me you are joking please….” Penny looked at me pleadingly….I looked down and shook my head…. Penny sat down on the chair and sighed…” Raza ….I dunno what to.tell you…I mean this is so weird, how did it happen?” She asked. I felt irritated…. ” Penny , it happened the way it happens to normal people okay? ” I said and rolled my eyes…

” But Raza that happens to normal people not you!!”. She insisted… ” What the hell do u mean DNT I have feelings? Ain’t I a woman? Penny ur insulting me dammit!!!!” I shouted angrily… Penny raised her eyebrows in surprise…

” Raza, I think someone tampered with your mother board” she said calmly….
” Whatever… I DNT care, at least I got feelings…. ” I responded…

.she smiled and came closer …before I could move back, I blacked out…

Penny looked at the lifeless body on the floor and shook her head….
” Stupid Robot, machines don’t have feelings for humans u idiot…and even if u did, by the time u r restored….that part of you will be long gone!!’ she whispered and walked out.

To be continued……

Writer : Akila Raza

Editor : Edward wangamah

Concept : Fantasy

My Favorite bloggers on WordPress

This is a special tribute to my favorite bloggers , their writes have not only inspired me but helped me to improve my work as well.

So I would like to extend my gratitude to the following bloggers and I pray that Almighty God will bless their work and Guide them always. Amen



Shubhi Rawat


Bogdan Dragos

Vj Knutson

Radhikas reflection



In the past two days that I have been reading your all posts….I felt so inspired ….be blessed and keep writing …..I love you all

Encounter with Lucifer

Written By : Akila Raza

This is where I can think best…..

Sometimes in life one is put in a situation that leaves the person wondering…wdf why is this shit happening to me…what have I done to deserve malice to this point. And the person even scrolls down their deed sheet to see where they may blundered to cause such a karmic reaction.

I fell into a similar ditch… I blamed Satan and he tore the doors of hell in disgust and came to earth…. Our conversation was like:

Satan: look at you…. You are just above the foolishest fools on this planet. How dare you blame me for such a petty occurrence … It’s an insult!

Me: because of you I got into this mess…how dare you shout at me…you insolent devil!!!

Satan : ( kneels down and sneers at me) Adams spawn you are after all yeah? Hehehehehheeh. You know something… I thought it would be such a hustle dealing with humans distracting them and taking them to hell all at my effort but guess what….

Me: what?

Satan : fools like you have made my work so much easier… The only thing I hate is you keep blaming me for things I haven’t done….  and additionally you are worse than me…. At my expense you do all the shit you want… From corruption to rape ..from slandering to man slaughter then you so nicely go to ur so called places of worship and dump the shit on me. What a shame eh you can’t even take the responsibility of your own actions…

Me: you provoke humans and lead them to the ditch

Satan : ahhh okay..I must talk to God again…. Why did He give you intelligence that you DNT use? He gave you free will…. He gave you the ability to choose between right and wrong yet you get provoked by me? Seriously ? Even when I haven’t provoked yet I get the blame… What if I actually decided to provoke… What do u think would happen???

Me: shutup and get lost!

Satan : no I won’t go …now listen to me you foolish human…a free advice… The God you believe in…( Looks around and whispers) Indeed He has no comparison…imagyn no matter what you do He forgives you..He even forgets and wipes out what you have repented for…but you humans are very ungrateful… But you know what …I am not God…so darling DNT you ever fuck around with me…. If you ever blame me for ur stupidity…. I will distrupt your life beyond repair hear that?  There is no forgiveness or forgetting in my Vocabulary so think twice before you utter my name!

With that he dissappeared …and I was stuck in the ditch until late evening….then somehow I managed to come out and return home. All I wanted to do was sleep.

Bucket full of wishes…

Bucket full of wishes
Narator : Akila Raza
Tribute to: lazy dreamers

I dunno why I am catching feelings today…. I feel like that electric mosquito Racket….

I want to sleep to the end of slumber….
I want to smile until my lips stretch at 360degrees like a karate split….

I want to touch the stars without shaking them from their destination

I want everything unwantable
I want to sleep with my eyes open

Dream while am wide awake
Walk when  I am in deep sleep

Madness coiled in sanity
What’s wrong in vanity

Fish on the tree
Is like long hair on me

I know I don’t make sense
Can’t take that chance

Their is so much bliss in INSANITY
That’s me stuck where there is no


Written by: Akila Raza
Inspired by: the great heroes in my life

Special tribute to all the women in General

She wore her scars like jewelry
Her tears became a pond
Her pain the fishes
Her dreams the corals
And her Being the sea Princess

Her eyes were deeper than the endless depth of the oceans
Her smile was like the full moon on a dark night

Who would say she had walked on a journey that was full of fire and storms
Every moment was a battle …..she fought

Despite the wounds and several falls
She refused to quit and walked on…
The Demons of betrayal…hate and exploitation
Stubbornly followed her ….

Many times she fell into the darkest pit from where the angel of death stared into her eyes….
She looked back and blew a kiss on his face…leaving him startled ..

Then taking a deep breath she would stand up
Wipe off her dress ….shut her eyes and relax …..leaving Fate with no choice but to let her move forward

His Bride…

This poem is a dedication to those who gave eachother promises that wasnt destined to be fulfilled. ….

WRITER : Akila Raza

Await for your return….

I still remember the first time our gaze locked…you smiled i shied away
But you didnt give up

Then finally you stood up and walked.away dissapearing into the horizon… I panicked I looked around..fear filled my heart…and tears gathered in my eyes.. such deep emotions for a pure stranger?? How could that be possible?

I pushed aside your thoughts but they kept coming back like the strong waves…

In haste I stood up and walked towards the sea shore my heart in emotions entangled in the grips of confusion…

I pushed back my tears but they waged a war against me and flowed un ashamed…

I walked to no where ..just kept walking when suddenly my heart skipped a beat.
I turned and i saw you so close… those brown eyes left me mesmerized.
That gentle smile on your face melted my bones and when you said hello… I almost died with joy…

Your voice so sweet n deep left me in a daze that i havent recovered from till today.

Will you bride? The question left me.frozen i kept staring ..then your touch brought me back to my senses…” yes ‘ was what slipped out before i could even think…I held my breath as u you gently tugged my hand puling me.foward…i had become like a puppet.

We walked for miles…I dunno what you said .. all i remember is that the sound of ur voice intoxicated my being….

The last i heard from you was…I will come for you..wait 4me…

Then you left..along with you went a part of me.that i never got back

You didnt come for me… date centuries later i still await for that day you will return.

Dear Angel within Me..

All they saw was the smile…. No one noticed the dried tears hidden in her eyes…. Her bravery was put to test time and again… Her loyalty was questioned repeatedly…. In silence she took in every thing that came her way…. Then came a day, her patience,her kindness , her good side snapped….. Where once the eyes had a gentle twinkle came in a cold glare…. The chatter turned in to a heart chilling silence…. The wings became swords of fire. Her boundaries were now sharp and clear her heart was sealed with walls of silence…. Breaking through was practically like wanting to slice into stones that were rock hard since the time of Beginning…. She was once an Angel full of love…. But they severed her wings brutally and turned her into what she never wanted to be.


“I have a confesion to make ” my voice was shaky as I watched my 4 friends staring at me with curiousity. the room was silent , but i could hear the heart beat tempos of each one…. I sighed and turned away, gathering courage , preparing myself mentally for the reaction that was going to come my way…. ” you can tell us Raza” one of my friends encouraged… I turned and looked at her face, she seemed so sincere yet there was a trace of slight fear in her eyes, the others nodded and smiled with encuragement. I cleared my throat, “ummh well actually need to show you guys something” I stammered… no reaction other than the nodding… I stood up from where I was seated and moved towards the wall …. i could sense the tension behind me growing, then I turned and there was a black out…groans and pin drop silence again… what happened? i hadnt even shape shifted…. my friends were frozen in time… ” What the hell do you think you were doing u munchkin fool??” a voice boomed behind me. i turned and saw my twin standing halfway hanging between the walls. ” what the hell have you done to my friends Jade? ” i asked angrily… he raised his eyebrows “froze them for 10 seconds…. so that they dnt hate you after seeing you in ur true form” he replied smirking. ” and who asked you to interfere in my life ?” i asked …. He rolled his eyes…. ” keep guessing sister” was the reply..before i could respond he dissapeared.

Candle ..whats your worth?

It was was dark and the storm was at its best….
The thunder was scary and she sat all alone

Staring at the flames of a dying candle
Watching the wax slowly melt away.

Did this candle regret wasting away
Whilst giving light to others?… occured to her and she sat up…

The worth of this candle was even lower than the sweet eaten by the toddlers across the street..yet it did what it takes for a selfless heart to do

Then why was its value so low?

She fell asleep wondering…. “candle whats your worth?


The woman you need to know..

She wears pain
The way you wear your diamonds…

She fights poverty
The way you fight storms in your life…

She smiles to hide her tears
The way you smile to hide ur smirk

She is real …she is strong
She is not always right… but admits when she is wrong…

She aint bias …she aint a snob.
Sometimes a bitch…big deal thats a normal female song.

To love she responds with love
To crap she doubles the quantity

So watch out be4 you step her toe
Or else to hell you are bound to go.


Simaya Raza